Me visiting death

just realized how opposite they were- the 2 ‘traumas’. How that made the whole ‘ memory disorder’ as in that can be balanced at least and the possibility of be a bit of cosmic grace (karma: Future and past).

That mine is balanced and I’m able to be consider alternative outcomes.

Some suicide out. Kill their way out.

the assault was the potential of death or being crippled.
the fifth man intervened.
(was it 5 or 6; Three in front and back or three up front two in the back).

Carter’s actual death was the opposite in that the assault was death visited upon me and Carter was me visiting death.

Oh, Marie

Clicks in her tongue’s voice can avail mountains from their heaving

Stops in her heart’s voice can refresh yours of it’s weariness

The way she sits

on her legs is more calm than 2 five hundred year old monks will be when they are five hundred at 2

Images of her toes honors the earth within us

Pictures of her ear and neck show us how communication between the corporeal and ethereal is done

and it is effortless,

That’s how she is.

Good day end up

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My morning scramble began with a phone call to dig out some horses. (“Let’s go Supaman, get your cape on!” was what the voice on the phone said.).

I chugged some water, filled the tea kettle, brushed the teeth and looked for my winter clothes. I grabbed 4 packets of Starbuck’s Via (A backpacker’s new friend) and filled my stainless steel coffee travel mug with the boiling water and grains. I discovered this winter that I can turn it into a mobile mini pressure cooker for hot cereal! Its a quality mug (Contigo). I could get a cup of coffee at the gas station and add one of the packets of starbuck’s- despite Hazel breaking my press pot, this week- final exams, roofing, and landscaping required me to get back on the coffee:)

Last night we had an unseasonally large amount of wet snow- ‘heart attack’ snow in the…

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Merwin and Bandit

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It happens every time, and it happened again. Whenverver I come across W.S. Merwin, I begin a couple days of thinking with him. I posted a poem of his yesterday and I again spent time with his perspectives. I wrote that i don’t share his darknesses and that he is a king of ‘Somber Beauty’. What i mean by that, is That i do like Merwin- he makes me think he gives me a different pair of mental shoes to walk in. A pair that I wouldn’t have thought to put on myself. I trust Merwin, he is that good. He is the kindof person i wouldn’t feel anxious playing chicken against in cars on a dirt road on moonlit nights (hey, i’m from Michigan. we did things like that:) He is somebody who I wouldn’t mind walking into the wilderness with even though he’s a city kid. He is…

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My new adventure in working old wood

I bought two hand planes, a Stanley #9 with a corrugated bottom from a antique tool pro and a Stanley #118p from a local rancher.

More pics later. Sun is going down and I have some old wood over a heat lamp outside that I want to give some more special elixir to drink. I am experimenting with a Norse wooden boat recipe. It’s great smelling stuff, has pine tar, Linseed oil and Turp in it.

Hand Planer