“Cowboy? Hopeless.”

This title is how J___ greeted me tongue in cheek at warehouse market the other day.

“We have yet to find a way to regulate what we cannot see.”

Refers to a cast-off statement by my AgroEcology professor today as we were talking about aquifers. specifically the oglalla:

( he has one or two of these that stick with me. Last semester it was “economy of scale” and “It is better sometimes to ask for forgiveness than to wait for permission”

I digress, of course.


I was listening to an interview by Ariel Dorfman today about the Chilean miners trapped underground (What we cannot see)

He mentiones a book all Chilean kids read in elementary school about miners. Dorfman relates how he thinks that this fact will help the miners survive down there as this possiblility-being a trapped miner- is woven into their social fabric from that early age.

He says, “They read it without knowing that one day it would be their fate.”

That is what happened at my first ‘Intro to Meditation’ sunday class at Mel Weitsman’s Zen Center in Berkeley:

What I heard, what I did was to become my fate.

But, as Sid said, “Don’t take it from me, find out for yourself”

Its your fate- he didn’t say that, I just did:)

So, here are links:


(Argentine gauchos)


(The above link is Dorfman’s essay/podcast- very interesting. In it he talks about the Argentinian birth of an (industrial) working class and newspapers allowed the Bourgoise to become intellectuals- which I’m not because I spelt bourgoiuse wrong:))

I like the line where Dorfman says that the Blue collars got together and “educated each other and cared for each other” (not revolutionary- don’t worry bourgoise:)

He meant, I think, that the working class were able to get together and educate each other as in- which mine/ranch was hiring, which to avoid, certain practical skills- like whipping rope or head lantern making, which store had good deals on boots and goya soft drinks..)

so its not just a sad story about trapped miners- that story is yet to be told:(

May they (and us) be bathed in hope.


Author: Taopants

O' wanderer, the road is walking too. J.H. (sorta)

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