A Mason-Dixon

This song has been playing on rock radio and I started paying attention because of the great drums. Then, I listened to the lyrics- lyrics are very good, there’s a bit o’ the Dharma in ’em:)

Then I thought, in a snap judgemental way, ‘whoever this is they sound just like later Soundgarden (after Yamamoto left (original bassist)).’ “P’Shaw!” i said to myself. I was a Soundgarden fan from way back- pre-‘Superunknown’… ‘Loud Love’ Is THE Album!
Then i see the video and its Chris Cornell singing|:-)

As I was coming home, a guy in a truck with a confederate rebel flag license plate pulled what we called in Michigan, ‘a michigan roll-thru’. Later, when I was in California it became a ‘California stop’. Today I renamed it to myself once again. It is now a ‘Mason-Dixon”. Or a ‘Dixon’, or A Mason’. I think I will call it either a ‘Mason-Dixon’ or a ‘Mason”. Mason is Luc’s boy’s name so it will be easier to remember:)


Author: Taopants

O' wanderer, the road is walking too. J.H. (sorta)

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