Standing in line for water

I was never much good at lining up- too unfocused and restless I suppose. So, “what the heck were you doing in the military?!” Lots o’ lines to stand in there. Lines to get fed, lines to get paid. I was even the ‘reason’ for lines: As a medic there were vacinations..and dispensing the wonder drug Motrin. Especially in the field to someone who ‘just knows’ that their toe is broken. Well, that toe can be healed with 30 tabs of 400mg Ibuprofen and a ‘no marching’ chit…I digress..lines…I have even been around people who would see a line and go stand in it, then ask what it was for!

I have been doing a lot of looking on the Google about water. And everywhere a condition was identified- whether it be acidification or economic, somewhere, eventually within a few minute or a few clicks to different articles/sites Coca Cola’s name would appear.- either directly or indirectly as an cause or as a test of a problem. Economically a resident of Saharan Africa can buy a bottle of Coke cheaper than a bottle of water! (Coke states it is because bottled water (which they produce–Dasani) is bottled in more expensive glass bottles because of ‘consumer preference’ and the coke is bottled in plastic! thats a different article- and covered already by And just a bit of trivia, not an example of “Evil” coke “MMuahhhhh” Coca-cola buys its caffeine from producers of decaffeinated coffees.Cavest: I grew up in a Pepsi household and when times were tough it was ‘Towne club’ but always there was pop. some liquid sugar. Canadian Coke tastes just like pepsi- higher sugar content I think…ahhh, I digress again.

See, ‘unfocused’ me no stand in lines very well! And I imagine in Nazi Germany you definatley didn’t want to stand in a line: It meant either you were going to war and kill someone or you were going for a train ride and be killed!

I avoid lines probably to avoid ‘sameness’. It could be a fault, but, I imagine having what everyone else has can’t be something i wouldn’t want/ be happy with- that at the end of the line that has a lot of people in it would be nothing but something disposable…Samsara.

“Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink”: I lived once in an environmentally conscious college town where it was noticed that the fish in the creek running through town were becoming hermaphroditic. It was discovered that the ingredients in birth control being taken up top were being secreted down below. We had a discussion here on whether people changing their profile names was fun or a threat…So, every pork patty we eat every motrin we pop, every bottle of Dasani we drink and every carrot we eat is part of the web of life and should be consumed mindfully- again. Thay writes: “Every piece of paper was a cloud once.”

(indra’ net:

(Long live ‘Left Eye’:)

To truly ‘lighten your load’ today, make some concious purchases and choices today- it helps. It helps you and it helps me, really it does and overall, because, it affects everyone of us- and once again the situation has become/is critical. SNAFU= Situation Normal: All F@#ked up.

Breath. (your choices don’t even have to cost any money: Look up at the sun (with your eyes closed:) whisper, “Hi” to a tree or say ‘Thank you’ to someone random.


Author: Taopants

O' wanderer, the road is walking too. J.H. (sorta)

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