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My morning scramble began with a phone call to dig out some horses. (“Let’s go Supaman, get your cape on!” was what the voice on the phone said.).

I chugged some water, filled the tea kettle, brushed the teeth and looked for my winter clothes. I grabbed 4 packets of Starbuck’s Via (A backpacker’s new friend) and filled my stainless steel coffee travel mug with the boiling water and grains. I discovered this winter that I can turn it into a mobile mini pressure cooker for hot cereal! Its a quality mug (Contigo). I could get a cup of coffee at the gas station and add one of the packets of starbuck’s- despite Hazel breaking my press pot, this week- final exams, roofing, and landscaping required me to get back on the coffee:)

Last night we had an unseasonally large amount of wet snow- ‘heart attack’ snow in the…

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Author: Taopants

O' wanderer, the road is walking too. J.H. (sorta)

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