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It happens every time, and it happened again. Whenverver I come across W.S. Merwin, I begin a couple days of thinking with him. I posted a poem of his yesterday and I again spent time with his perspectives. I wrote that i don’t share his darknesses and that he is a king of ‘Somber Beauty’. What i mean by that, is That i do like Merwin- he makes me think he gives me a different pair of mental shoes to walk in. A pair that I wouldn’t have thought to put on myself. I trust Merwin, he is that good. He is the kindof person i wouldn’t feel anxious playing chicken against in cars on a dirt road on moonlit nights (hey, i’m from Michigan. we did things like that:) He is somebody who I wouldn’t mind walking into the wilderness with even though he’s a city kid. He is…

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Author: Taopants

O' wanderer, the road is walking too. J.H. (sorta)

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